The Drop Off – GC to Yosemite

August 12 – Bear Gulch Hike

Its named Bear Gulch for a reason. Thankfully, we did not see the namesake on this rails to trail hike as we had beautiful views of the Warm River. Interesting note: We are walking along the Yellowstone Caldera zone- a.k.a- the blast zone.


While Jeff and Mark ran errands and did some fly fishing, the girls went to Yellowstone. Thank you Lori for being an amazing guide.

August 9 – Adventures in Idaho

Enjoyed the Henry's Fork of the Snake River today.

Aug 8 – A Hike and some sightseeing

Today we had a rainy morning and a bit of down time. Then, the clouds parted and we headed to Harriman State Park for a hike and wildlife viewing.

New Friends

Aug 4-6

Headed into Casper, WY and then to our hotel in Dubois, WY. We visited Jackson Hole, the Grand Tetons and checked out Mormon Row. We did not have the crisp clear skies due to fires in the area.

Aug 3- The Oregon Trail

Day two brought a change in our route as we decided to follow part of the Oregon Trail. As we headed across the country we headed to Guernsey, WY to see the best set of preserved wagon ruts (according to the Smithsonian). We also visited Inscription Rock.


At 9:00 a.m. we hit the road and headed west. We will be spending a couple days in Jackson Hole and then to Mark and Lori's house in Idaho. We will spend a week at their lovely home while Mark and Jeff hike and Lori and I explore Yellowstone.

As you can see, the car is ready to go (and so are we).

So many places to see as we head to Yosemite.  Our first stop will be Jackson Hole for a couple days to check out the Tetons and then onto Idaho.



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